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Look here while using ECR Online because the information shown will change. Watch for specific instructions for the current step.

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   Account ID and Password

ECR Online can only be used after one has set up an Account ID and Password as required by the Superior Court and Department of Judicial Administration.

If you already have an Account ID for ECR Online, enter it in the space provided and then enter the Password and press the Submit button. This will open the Account, allowing access to view pages in ECR Online based on the remaining balance in the Account.

   Don't have an account?
Select Don't have an account? to establish an Account ID and Password. This will lead you through the steps required for you to purchase or otherwise obtain units of access to view Superior Court case files online. Access costs 15 per page. Your account must have a positive balance when the Account ID and Password are first established. You will be able to add to the balance in that account as needed. The account balance must always equal or exceed the amount required for viewing the number of pages you select to view.

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   Forgot password?

Select Forgot password? If you have forgotten the password established when your account was set up. You will be prompted to enter the Account ID and then you will have the opportunity to recover your password based on the confirmation question you selected when establishing the Account.

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